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WARNING! Beware of purchasing similar products which have no reputable university testing to SUPPORT the claims their manufacturers make!  Why waste your money on products that claim to work but do not?

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Sir Rupert and Lady Bromley

As you know, we came right across to your offices from Simon’s Town some six or so months ago and bought a domestic model of the Pest-free gadget, having had an earlier version for about 15 years.   Then on Cape Talk earlier this week the subject of mice/rats came up in some of the Pick ‘n Pay Stores.   I would like to have got through to them to recommend your product but it was not possible – I seem to remember you, Sebastian, telling us that you were already successfully supplying various Pick ‘n Pay stores and so I hoped to hear your product being spoken of – it may have been later on?   Anyway – here are a few comments from us.....

Living as we do, jutting out into the Glencairn Wetland, using poison is not an option to keep the rats and mice out of the house.   Luckily, when we moved here we had brought with us our Pest-Free gadget and plugged it in and over time became free of the rodents.   I say ‘over time’ as it does take quite some time to kick in and become effective, both by sending the currents throughout all the walls of the house and then disorientating the rodents themselves.

Then the mice/rat activity started up again and we found our gadget making a horrid noise.   We suspected something was wrong with it and fortunately remembered seeing the gadget being advertised some weeks before.   As it has been a vital piece of equipment for us, we had noted down the contact details and so knew where to find you and were able to trek over to Century City – quite an adventure but worth doing in order to get a replacement!

With our earlier experience, we had the confidence to wait.   As had happened before, there was actually an increase in activity – rather like Beatrix Potter’s Samuel Whiskers who rolled up Tom Kitten in pastry.   And then, remarkably, peace was restored.   On one occasion we even found a striped mouse standing motionless in the back door way, totally bemused.   We were easily able to catch it and return it to the wetland.

We could never dream of living where we do, without one of these gadgets – it makes all the difference in the world to our lives!   Thank you for resuscitating the marketing of this extremely effective gadget.   Please feel free to adapt what I have written as I certainly think, and know, you have an excellent product!

Yours – Lady Bromley

The Old Manse, 71 Glen Road, Glencairn, 7975
Cape Town, South Africa


Barry Donnelly

I bought a "pest free" plug in unit (the old rectangular shape) in September 2000 as, at the time, we had rats in the attic, small field mice around the house, cockroaches and spiders. The pest free has now been happily blinking for ten years and, we have no rats, mice, cockroaches and, only the occasional spider. For us it has done all it was claimed it would do; we've been very happy with its performance and will certainly replace this unit if and when it finally gives up the ghost. Should you be interested I've attached a copy of the invoice covering the purchase on 4th. Sept. 2000. which we bought on the recommendation of a friend who had also been extremely happy with the unit.



To whom it may concern,

This is to confirm that we have been treating a few premises in conjunction with Pest Free.

Since the Pest Free units have been installed in some of the these premises one can see a change in the rodent activity and feeding patterns, they appear to eat more of our bait and seem to be disorientated and we are catching more on our glue boards.

General pest control and the Pest Free unit working together have shown a decrease in pest activity.


Reliable Transformers

During July of this year we experienced a severe rat problem in our factory. We installed one of your Pest Free products in the affected area and within two weeks the rat problem was under control.

The rats used to continually trigger our alarm system and since the Pest Free device was installed, we have not had a single false trigger in the affected area.

I would recommend this product to anyone

Yours Faithfully

Andre van Zyl
Managing Member


Nulaid a division of Pioneer Foods South Africa

Hi Sebastian,

I am glad to inform you that since the installation we have had no breakdowns caused by rats eating cables.

In the grading area there has been a definite decline in rodent activity. It is quite difficult to quantify but the sightings of rodents and rodent droppings have decreased.

Pierre Rossouw
Operations manager
Western Cape
Nulaid a division of Pioneer Foods


Universal Paper & Plastics (BOP) Pty Ltd, South Africa

Dear Barbara

Just a note to let you know that since we have purchased and installed the Pest Free units in our factory and office areas, we have not seen any rodents or cockroaches in these areas. We are monitoring the effect of these units constantly as, being a paper converter, we have a very large stock of finished paper product and raw materials, and we cannot afford to relax our vigilance. Rats and mice are definitely not welcome in our stores as they can cause great damage with resulting financial losses.

We would definitely replace these units if and when necessary and have no hesitation in recommending them for the uses as advertised in your brochures.

Thank you for your assistance and co-operation.

Yours faithfully

B Sher, Director, Universal Paper & Plastics (BOP) (Pty) Ltd, South Africa


The South African Breweries

This serves as a confirmation that Rosslyn Breweries has installed the Pest Free Device in our packaging plant with great success. We had specific areas of concern with rats eating our electrical wiring. Being a high technology plant and a production environment we needed something that would eliminate the rats without interfering with the technology. Pest Free did this for us, and with no maintenance to the unit it was simply install and forget.