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WARNING! Beware of purchasing similar products which have no reputable university testing to SUPPORT the claims their manufacturers make!  Why waste your money on products that claim to work but do not?

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The Hon Mark Vaile MP

I have been advised by Austrade that your organisation recently received a grant under the Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme.

Austrade determined the amount of your grant after assessment of your organisation's grant application in accordance with the provisions of the EMDG Act 1997. I understand that Austrade has already forwarded details of its grant amount calculations to you.

As the Minister responsible for the EMDG scheme, I would like to congratulate you on your success in receiving this grant.

The Government strongly supports the EMDG scheme and recently legislated to extend the scheme for a further five years, as well as to make a number of improvements to it. Details of these changes can be found on Austrade's website at

I sincerely hope that the grant will assist you in furthering your export initiatives, and that it conveys to you in a tangible fashion the high regard in which both the Government and the Australian community hold our "export champions".

Mark Vaile
Minister for Trade


Karos Lodge

We have tested a Pest Free Domestic Unit in two of our timeshare units and was very impressed with the results. We have purchased another six Pest Free units for our timeshare's and will purchase others as the budget allows.

Our General Manager is currently using one in his house and is also very impressed.

I, Mr Botha recommend this product.

Maintenance Manager


Steve Owens Real Estate

Dear Darren,

As you are aware I have been a purchaser of Pest Free units since they were introduced by Ray about 5 or 6 years ago. This unit is now the tenth one I have purchased for my landlords and if I could get the others to think in the 21st Century, all my landlords would have them installed in their rental properties by now. I am really sick and tired of organising pest exterminators to treat these rentals as the tenants are never there when they say they will be or they complain about the smell of the chemicals after the exterminator has gone or threaten to sue me if they contact some disease from the chemicals.

Steve Owens - Principal


The Lake Macquarie City Council

The Administration Building has a problem with mice & rats eating data and communication cabling installed therein

In the past, pest exterminators were engaged to distribute baits throughout the building is an attempt to eliminate the problem. This treatment was found to be time consuming and dangerous.

I have been continually looking for other methods of treating this problem and when Mr.Connell approached me and recommended I trial Pest Free I was sceptical however willing to trial this system. After nine months of using Pest Free the problem has been eliminated and other benefits have been gained as well.

I would recommend Pest Free to other councils and businesses.

I thank Mr.Connell for introducing me to this easy to use free of chemicals and environmentally friendly product.

W Johnson - Lake Macquarie City Council


Singthong Necktie Co.,Ltd. - Bangkok

For the past twelve years at our factory in the Lad Prao district of Bangkok, we have had a terrible problem with rats. The factory is 18,000 sq ft over 6 levels and although we tried many different methods of Pest Control over the years including trapping, poison and poison baits. After a period of time these were not effective.

With a certain amount of scepticism we started the program, and at first there appeared to be little happening. However in the third week there was a tremendous amount of activity with rats moving around throughout the factory. Over the next four weeks less and less rats were seen until after two and a half months, only on the fourth level were there a few left.

Now three months later, we no longer have any, and the product has deterred others from settling. This was not a small problem and has taken time to clear but has been completely successful.

We now have a wonderful rat free environment and can thoroughly recommend Plug In Pest Free as a product that has been most effective in ridding us of rats.

Pracha Chanslngthong - Export Manager
Singthong Necktie Co Ltd


The Taj West End - Bangalore, India

This is to confirm that we have been using an electronic pest-free repellent provided to us on the 14/8/1996 as a test run for the product.

We are pleased that it has proved to be more effective than other methods used hitherto, besides being environmentally friendly.

We strongly recommend the continued use of these products as a focused attempt at environment friendly measures of Pest control verses the current methods of using harsh chemical pollutants adopted by most Pest Control Agencies

Nalini Shekhar - Taj West End


Lord Moon of The Mall

We have been infested with mice since the day we opened, and we were unable to get rid of them by any of the conventional methods. On the 24th of November, 1999 we installed 8 plug in Pest Free units, purchased from Mr.Bill Craster. There has not been any evidence whatsoever if any mice on the premises since that date.

Pest Free is a truly fantastic product, as we thoroughly recommend it to anyone with a pest problem.

Leny Hen - Manager


Garry Leo

Dear Mr Connell,

I am writing to let you know how happy I am with the performance of your product. Prior to obtaining the units, the Club had to be sprayed quite regularly to control a cockroach problem that was both expensive and embarrassing. However, since the 12 units have been installed around the Club, the problem appears to have been overcome. I can thoroughly recommend your product to any other organisation which desires a clean and inexpensive manner in which to control cockroaches.

Yours faithfully
Garry Leo Manager
South Newcastle Rugby League Club Limited


Gary Chapman

Dear Mr Connell,

Our home at Sylvania is a very large old sandstone house.Despite exhaustive pest control measures including toxic spraying surface chemicals etc we could not eliminate spiders.

One morning in 1995 I was listening to Alan Jones on 2UE when he interviewed someone from your company who described the method you have adopted in attacking unwanted entrenched vermin and insects which impresses me as being exactly what I needed.

I ordered 8 units in October, 1995 and its proved to be the best thing I have ever done as regards the elimination of pests on a permanent basis. We are absolutely delighted with the result. After the first few weeks we noticed the almost daily experience of spiders appearing on our walls had subsided.

Although there is no indication that the units are nearing there "use by" date I do not want to be in a position where I am without them. Therefore I wish to repeat my order plus I wish to order an addition five units for my son and his family who live next door.

Congratulations on an excellent product which performed as good as the advertising material indicated it would.